Boulevard - Nathan Lee

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Lời bài hát: Boulevard

Ca sĩ: Nathan Lee

Title: Boulevard
Artist: Nathan Lee
I Don't know why
you said goodbye
Just let me know
you didn't go
forever my love
Please tell me why
you made me cry
I beg you please
I'm on my knees
If that's what you want me to
Never knew
that it would go so far
Well you left me
on that boulevard
Come again
you would replease my pain
Ang we could
be lovers again
Just once more chance
another dance
And let me feel it isn't real
That I've been losing you
The sun will rise
within your eyes
Come back to me
then we will be
happy together
Maybe today
I'll make to stay
A little while
just for a smile
in love together
For I will show
a place I know
in Tokyo
Where we could be
happy together.
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